Save and reduce cost on electric bill with Apex Solar Panels

Apex Solar is specialized in the design and production of high end energy storage solutions.

Our mission is designing and building high-end quality energy storage systems that contribute to an improved living environment without minimizing the availability of electricity.

Apex solar provides a reliable, scalable, safe and easy to connect battery energy storage system suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Independent of the type of energy generation meaning a PV installation, wind turbines, geo thermical installation or tidal wave installation the Apex Solar's systems are universally applicable.

The Apex Solar storage solution is standard equipped with island mode features.

Quality is number one when it comes to our products. A well structured and monitored production process with intermediate checks lead to a reliable product and a guaranteed life time. By selecting our preferred service and maintenance contract at purchase you are ensured of an excellent service level we at Apex Solar want to provide to our customers.

Our Ambition

We believe that to produce electricity for buildings we need to make much more use of the enormous amount of energy that the sun provides. As a developer and producer of solar panels, we offer sustainable solutions that are made in the most sustainable way possible. We challenge you in contributing to our renewable solar energy electricity. Call us for free estimates!!

Here at Apex Solar, innovation is in our DNA and we constantly seek the best solution. We develop with a broad view of the various markets and applications and with an eye to the future.






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